1 High Street, DD6 8AB Newport-on-Tay, Fife Tue-Sun 01382 541449



Jamie, 30, was born in Kirkliston around the time mum Winnie was working at the Caledonian. His dad, Grant, was in the Black Watch and the family moved around when Jamie was young. He started his career at 14 as the most junior person in the kitchen of his parents’ pub, and eventually worked his way up to running it.
“It was always my intention to open my first restaurant in the Fife and Dundee area. This is where I grew up and drew all my inspiration from. The Newport gives me everything I wanted in my first venture. Newport on Tay is a beautiful coastal town with the most incredible views across the river. The Newport is a popular venue and with the addition of the restaurant I am looking forward to being part of this wonderful community. My food will reflect the natural surroundings and I am very excited about the future The Newport Restaurant will bring”.


Jamie is a fantastic chef that has a personality and a big, big heart. That goes a long way in food and this is reflected in his plates – you can see it. I know we have found a true champion, we’ve found one of the future chefs of the country”.  Marcus Wareing

“I can’t watch Jamie cook without smiling. He delivers over and over again – the man is just in love with cooking“. Gregg Wallace



Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday –  6pm-9.30pm
Thursday – 12.00pm- 2.30pm 6pm-9.00pm
Friday – 12.00pm- 2.30pm 6pm-9.00pm (evening tasting menu only)
Saturday – 12.00pm-2.30pm-lunch 6pm-9.00pm (evening tasting menu only)
Sunday – 10-12.00 – brunch/ 12.30pm-3.00 ( Sunday lunch menu only )